Why the Marriage was never found

Research is about Clarification

I recently helped someone locate a marriage in some old county records. The reason that she did not find it is because the marriage was recorded in the old-style handwriting dealing with "Mc" as in McDonald. The scribbling which followed the "Mc" had been copied by the clerk of the county. So, it got transcribed in a published book as several letters after the Mc.

This solution is for one to search for the actual record of the clerk as written in the original county marriage book. Then, copy that down and compare it with the letters in a colonial alphabet.Incidentally, the name of the bride was the same surname as that which was written below the (bride and groom) on a later census record! And, incidentially a person whom I suspected as being a brother. This researcher would have never accepted this spelling nor researched the other name on the census.

PS- The abstracts of this record translated the name incorrectly.