Why so many Immigrants came from Antrim, Ireland

Tracing our origins...

Antrim, Ireland

Legend has it that the first rulers of Ireland came from the Baltic Sea area (Iranians) and the country was divided in three parts, amongst three brothers. During Biblical times, as one legend goes, the princess Tea Telphi, a daughter of King Zedekiah who lost his kingdom (Israel) to Nebuchadezzar, was brought to Ireland ca 583 B. C. by the prophet Jeremiah (Ollam Fodhla) who refugeed two daughters out of Jerusalem. One was given in marriage to the King of Spain and the other, Tea Telphi, to prince Eochaidh of Northern Ireland. There is no proof this particular legend, however, the genealogist should bear in mind that the origin of the Irish people to the Celtics is also unproven.

Another belief is that ancient Antrim was inhabited by Celtic people known as "the Darini". However, Ireland, with its cultural divisions, has an interesting mix. For example, During the Middle Ages, the southern portion of Antrim was the Kingdom of Ulidia. Then there are the Vikings who visited the country during the eighth and ninth centuries. During the twelfth century Antrim was part of the Earldom of Ulster which was conquered by Anglo-Norman warriors. During the campaign of Edward Bruce (1315 A. D.), the only significent English stronghold which remained was Carrickfergus.

During the sixteenth century while the British attempted to colonize the territory, the Scots settled in Antrim. Thus, the Scotch-Irish became a familiar term. Then during the Williamite War in Ireland (1689 A. D.), Antrim was the center of Protestant resistance. After the advance of the Irish Army under Richard Hamilton, all of county Antrim was brought under Jacobite control. Thus, to escape persecution, Protestants congregations (Presbyterians) commenced the process of migrating to America during 1700s. 

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