The Rusty Tractor in the Yard

Genealogy Tips by Jeannette Holland Austin

As the terrain continues to change on this earth, its impact is visible in local neighbors, towns and cities. As town buildings and old farms are demolished to make way for the new generation, the countryside lies dismally deserted. It is almost as though it is waiting for the original families to return and gin up the tractor. The land which once bore crops and herded animals is plaintively unnourished and the crusty soil rises in the dim early morning light to fly afield in the wind. The indelible impression is that the labors of its residents sank into poverty and dispair. Why didn't someone protect the old tractor from rusting in the yard?

New Records added South Carolina Pioneers - Marriage Settlements 1775-1792 (later dates will also be added) These marriage settlements are essentially prenuptial agreements between persons intending to marry and includes property settlements and distributions. The researcher must realize that the life-span of the participants was shorter and that it was necessary, in order to protect and raise young orphaned children, the mother would remarry soon after the death of her husband. Considering the property and estates of the bereaved widow, potential bridegrooms would begin courtship almost immediately. These agreements contain a wealth of information which is quite useful to the genealogist.

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