The Romance of John Wesley

By Jeannette Holland Austin

Mrs. Wesley of Lincolnshire, England had seven sons who were ministers of the Gospel. When General Oglethorpe visited the family in Epworth to convince the lady to send one of her sons to Georgia, she declared that she regretted that she only had her two youngest sons to give to the cause, the others already engaged. They were clerics of the new religion of Methodism. It was catching on, but still unpopular. On the voyage over, the brothers had compassion for the savages and a strong desire to teach the Gospel to the Creeks in the region. John Wesley settled in Savannah and Charles Wesley in Frederica.Daniel Bonnell was Executed for RobberyTales of Woe"Light Horse" Harry Lee died at DungenessThe Case of Hog SmithCapt. John Collins of AcworthWilliam FewPeter Gruber and Neighs Forced out of AustriaThere were Two Margaret HollandsDr. N. G. LongHe Came Over in a BarrelThe Heartbreak of George A. Benson of LawrencevilleThe Old Woman and Toccoa FallsThey Traveled Far in Search of a HomeThe Enduring Escapades of Thomas RamseyMajor James HicksJeremiah LamarThe Flemings of SunburyLorenzo Dow SmithWilson ConnerThe Sad Tale of Every CemeterySwedish SopranoIf Only I Could Tell My Grandmother the Rest of the StoryGrannie Stories told over Chicken Every SundayAnthony BonnellOld Dan Tucker

Note: Chatham County Estate Records are online at Georgia Pioneers dating from 1777 to 1861.

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