The Good Year Cometh

Genealogy Continues Onward....

My Family Sending you a Merry Christmas from the Atlanta Brave Mall in Atlanta.

This coming year I will be scanning more records on Georgia Counties. If there is a particular county/counties you are interested in, please let me know so I can line them up first on the list. Although the early records of certain counties burned and thus hinders family research, there are “work-arounds”. For instance, I have recently added the 1863 Georgia Militia Records. This is when a re-organization of each county militia was done and every soldier was listed. The listing includes age, where born and occupation. They enlisted at the age of 16 and many were still active in the mid-fifties. This means that you you can pick up some names of the persons which went unidentified on the 1820 -1840 Census. Simply reading the lists gives one a new prospective on who was in the county and when.

As we go along, I will continue to provide more suggestions on “work-arounds”. Because the more data collected, the closer the puzzle connects.

May we all discover more information about our relatives this year!