The Gold-Rush Years

By Jeannette Holland Austin

1918 Anderson Six. Sometimes we just have to go back and do things the old way. For instance, the timely way of tracing the ancestors through census records remains unfettered by millenials or the modern age. There is a time when we must turn to these records to get perspective. My recent experience with trying to find someone born in Dahlonega, Georgia during the gold rush years resulted in the family disappearing from the census-picture. What I thought was going to be easy - locating him as a child on the 1850 census - turned into a major research effort. Two sources, the 1833 tax digest and deed records, assembled two possibilities. However, finding these persons on the 1850 census quickly became a loser. Frustrating. However, when it gets down to it, the family in Dahlonega during the year of the birth child, has to be the parents. Census or no census. Become a Member of 8 Genealogy Websites