South Carolina Marriage Pre-Nuptials

Genealogy Tips by Jeannette Holland Austin

We have finished adding the South Carolina Marriage Settlements 1775 to 1834. (South Carolina Pioneers is part of the Georgia Pioneers membership). This new information should help to locate some marriages of revolutionary war soldiers and later. These prenuptial agreements are quite informative, as they include personal details, deed transactions, names of heirs, and other important clues. Locating the first or second marriage brings forth another name to research. What I usually do is search the old wills for additional information on that person. The reason is that families were inter-locked with various relatives within the community. Any unfamiliar names in the documents should be researched to learn more about their relationship. In South Carolina, a congregations migrated together and settled in the same regions of the country. That means that it is worthwhile to search the library for written histories of religious congregations and search for a church registry of names. Also, a personal visit to the old church site could reveal some unknown burials and other possibilities.

South Carolina Pioneers

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