Seven Tory Prisoners Taken at the Home of Mrs. Mary Devane

The Cape Fear River.

Every pension has a story. We have but to write down the names of officers an battles and piece together the veteran’s comments. If you cannot find anything further on the soldier, he would have followed the officers and been listed in local musters. During the Revolutionary War many Americans served terms of three months, then returned home to plow or harvest crops. Also, they hired substitutes for various reasons. Such was the case of Britain Powell who first enlisted under Colonel James Kenon, Major John Moulton, Captain Shadrack Stallings and Lt. Elijah Bowen during the Spring of 1777/1778 as a Lieutenant Horseman. He rendezvoused at the Duplin County Court House for about two years when his wife became ill and hired Lewis Penear as substitute. Afterwards he volunteered again and was serving under Captains Aaron Williams and H. Holmes when he helped to take seven prisoners at the home of Mrs. Mary Devane on the Black River (New Hanover County). He was in the army of Colonel Hawkins serving as a minuteman during the pursuit of Tories up and down the North East River. Later, joined the regiment of Colonel William Washington of the Continental Line and marched to South Carolina.

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