Preserving the Old Traditions and Values

Working to Preserve History

While genealogists work to preserve their family histories and relate the interesting tales to their children and grandchildren, there is a disruption of traditions and beliefs encircling the globe. Every generation has treasured its ways, from the way we speak, walk, dress and act, to or spiritual beliefs.  And yet there has been no American tradition so valued as our personal freedom, and the right to worship our God.  This generation has gone awry with its preference for the re-written history of the conduct and actions of our ancestors.  Yet, somewhere back in time, in the past of the disruptor's, lies some very startling facts concerning themselves and their ancestors.

If they traced back several generations of their lineage and found some brave patriots who loved freedom and the right to worship so much they they gave their lives and fortunes for it, perhaps a greater appreciation of former generations would awaken them from the deep sleep of ignorance and stupidity. 

Perhaps it is up to the old folks to restore peace, love and appreciation for those who came before us by writing more articles and telling more stories on the Internet of how the ancestors sacrificed everything for their posterity!  Then, while the disruptor's are wasting their youth spouting anger, marching in parades, littering our streets, vandalizing homes and stores, etc., we will be writing the history of today, of how much we still care for our traditions and values.