Preserving Old Records

Genealogy Tips by Jeannette Holland Austin

Georgia Pioneers came on the internet during the mid 1990's. At that time genealogists were scrambling to get their information up. One good example was the US Gen Web which made a concerted effort to collect county records from all over the country, using sponsors to maintain individual webpages. This site, like so many others, has gone the way of the wind. In those days we used a program to write our family group sheets and charts and transferred the information online. Many individual charts and family organizations were shuffled onto the internet. Slowly, most of this data disappeared and much of the voluntary genealogy was lost. I liken it unto keeping a scrapbook, and then losing it. Thus, our valuable genealogy has a good chance to be lost unless we take steps to protect it. One can employ certain genealogy websites to add families to world charts, and lose control of the data (Google?). Also, it is safe to propose that other genealogy websites will disappear from the internet, either gobbled up by large corporations, or simply be taken down. My genealogy collection is on Georgia Pioneers and lately I included the ":Genealogy Vault" which includes data collected in the field over the past fifty years from various resources. If you have something you wish preserved in the vault, please email it to me in the pdf format with the heading For the Vault

Records added to North Carolina Pioneers - Orange County - Images of Wills and Indentures 1752-1795 Orange County