Poor Houses

Poor Houses and Genealogy

When visiting your local court house, it should be remembered that most counties kept a record of poor people and the cost thereof. A search through these old books usually yields a list of names. Other than that, there are other means.

Here is a List of the Collection on Georgia Pioneers:

Abram Widow's Home, Chatham County, 1860 Douglas County Paupers 1871-1890 Emanuel County Poor House, 1835 or 1853 Savannah Poor House and Hospital, 1850 and 1860 The Constitution (newspapers) 1885-1900; Wayside Poor House in Savannah 1863-1864

New Additions to Southeastern Genealogy

Weakley County TN Births 1902-1913; Deaths 1908-1912; Images of Wills 1828-1842; 1840-1862

Stewart County TN Images of Bonds and Settlements 1812-1814; 1824-1829; 1836-1840; 1814-1824; 1829-1836

Gibson County Tn Births 1881-1882; Births and Deaths 1908-1912; Images of Wills 1827-1833; 1833-1841

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