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Rosegill Plantation was built ca 1650 near Urganna, Virginia. This was the home of Ralph Wormeley, an early emigrant of some means.

Settlers began moving into Middlesex County Virginia about 1640. It quickly became a resourceful area for tobacco planters. In 1687, Richard Wills of Middlesex County was a man of great wealth. His house, which had received several additions from time to time, contained eight rooms and one closet, with an attached kitchen and dairy. Robert Beverley also left England to established his estate in Middlesex and was part of House of Burgesses. When the Revolt of Nathaniel Bacon came along, he helped the Royal Governor to suppress it. Naturally, the genealogist discovers the beautiful old script written in India Ink. We put these images online so that they may be leisurely examined and the characters transcribed in today’s English.

Images of Middlesex County Orphans Records

1760 to 1826

Images of Middlesex County Administrator Bonds

1767 to 1810; 1821 to 1825

Indexes to Wills

1675 to 1800; 1800 to 1950


Marriages to 1699; Marriage Bonds 1759 to 1803

Digital Images of Middlesex County Wills 1698 to 1713

Testators: Boseley, Elizabeth ;Davis, David; Downing, William ;Dudley, Robert ;Griffin, Corbin ;Haslewood, Mary ;Head, Mary ;King, John ;Mullins, William ;Passatt, Richard ;Porter, William ;Smith, John ;Thacker, Edwin;Williams, Thomas;Wormeley, Ralph

Digital Images of Middlesex County Wills 1713 to 1734

Testators: Allen, Richard Sr. ;Bannerman, Mark; Batchelor, John ;Berry, John; Bristow, John ;Causen, Thomas ;Crank, Thomas ;Davis, Mary ;Dodson, John ;George, David ;Gibbs, John ;Goddin, Thomas ;Gordon, William; Halfot, Henry; Jacoby, Joseph ; Jones, Thomas ; Jordan, James ; Montague, William ; Nash, John ; Robinson, Judith ;Sandeford, Joan ;Shurley, Thomas ;Smith, John ;Smith, John ;Smith, Thomas ;Tinnly, William ;Williamson, Benjamin ;Williamson, Robert ;Wormeley, Ralph.

Digital Images of Middlesex County Wills 1740 to 1748

Testators: Allen, John ; Batchelor, Samuel ; Bette, Thompson ; Blake, John ; Bristow, Mary ; Bristow, William ;Brooks, Jonathan ;Brown, Robert ;Buchanon, Henry ;Carter, John; Cheap, Patrick ; Clark, Edward ; Condon, David; Daniel, James ; Daniel, Robert ; Daniel, William ; Dudley, Jean ; Dudley, Robert ; Edwards, James ; Fearn, John; Graves, Alexander ; Greenwood, James ; Hammitt, William ; Handley, Elizabeth ; Hardin, George ; Harwick, Philip ;Howard, Youstice; Johnson, William ;Jones, William ;Riley, John ; Seers, Joseph ;Segar, John ;Shaw, Thomas ;Smith, Cary ;Smith, John ;Stanard, Elizabeth ; Street, Richard ;Thurston, William ;Tuggle, Henry

Abstracts of Wills

Wills and Inventories, abstracts (1713-1727)


1704 Quit Rent Rolls; Immigrants to Middlesex County 1674-1702; Order Book 1673 to 1680; Execution Book 1799 to 1802

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