Lasting Effects of Genealogy

By Jeannette Holland Austin

1918 Columbiz-Six automobile as featured in an advertisement in 1919 Atlanta Journal.

This year we added county records for the States of Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee to 8 genealogy online websites. (Login:

Well, here we are at the end of 2020 and the country is suffering lengthy lock-downs. For genealogists, this means public libraries, State and Federal Archives, public buildings, churches, etc .

Genealogists need access to public and memorial libraries, federal and state archives, cemeteries, public monuments, churches (Charleston SC is an example of a City where certain churches sponsor monuments of tombstone information) inside the building. Also, a visit to old cemeteries and church buildings sometimes turns up old church registers of births, baptisms, deaths, etc. Getting out in the field, interviewing town historians and other persons is another helpful means of research. I have been given old bibles, lost county records, old diaries and some pretty interesting family research papers. (Included on A surprising number of bibles and old business inventories are still found in antique shops. I have tried to make my 50 years of genealogical research count for something by saving all of these items and putting the data online. It’s my contribution to those who follow.

Irrespective of the progress made in adding genealogy to the Internet, no genealogy website has all records. There are tons of public records out there which are also necessary to trace the family lineages.

However, irrespective of the lockdowns, work continues to be added to the Georgia Pioneers Websites. A number of out-of-print genealogy books (copyrights expired) will be added during the months which follow. The good news is that we can expect the emerging 5G to speed up the Internet (will help in opening some of those thick books).

While searching through data, here is the keyboard code to bring up a search engine (top of page) so you won’t have to read every page.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

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