Kentucky Ancestors

Genealogy Tips by Jeannette Holland Austin

The familiar “Davy Crockett” beaver hat so popular among mountain men during the 18th century.

The trail to search for Kentucky Ancestors probably begins in Pennsylvania where so many German and Scotch-Irish immigrants landed before moving westward. Davy Crockett was not the only person exploring the old trails as many wagon trains passed over the Blue Ridge Mountains, first to Kentucky and later into Virginia and Indiana. Crockett’s family were Quakers and found their home first in Philadelphia before moving further west. It is an old tale of so many immigrants.

Anyone researching Kentucky county records is familiar with the intense style of writing and manner of posting everything concerning old estates, inventories, wills, annual returns, etc. in the same book. One has to dig through the entire book to acquire complete the complete estate record. The Clerk apparently posted the documents “as they arrived” in his office. Thus, it become important to search every page because it is in the tiny details of the estate performance which reveals the payouts and names of the heirs. Even in the advertising in the old newspapers one learns the name of the farm or plantation and the deceased. This particular item is found in the estate inventory at the court house. Frequently, the widow, children, relatives and friends purchased items at the estate sale and these names serve as “clues” as to who the daughters married, etc.

New Additions to Kentucky Pioneers:

Livingston County Online Images of Wills and Estates Book A 1799-1832; Book B 1833-1873.

Harrison County Online Images of Wills and Estates Book A 1795-1818; Book B 1812-1832; Book C 1832-1836; Book D 1836-1842