Is the Brain always Awake?

By Jeannette Holland Austin

New Ideas

One night I awoke from a deep sleep with the following message in my head “There is a candy bar on the bottom shelf behind the catsup!” Something long forgotten, no longer visible was still lodged inside my brain.

Have you ever spent hours pouring over old genealogy records and not found any real answers? Then, suddenly an idea pops into the head about where to search next? I believe there is a real light in there! It is so bright that it washes all the convoluted thoughts and presents instead uniquely obvious ideas.

The neuropathic path upon which this light travels may come in spurts, or last throughout the whole of the thought.

Suddenly, something thought to be too difficult or impossible, flashes before the eyes inside our head. And fresh ideas are so compelling and deserving of expression that they can wake us in the middle of the night. Ideas quickly become reality as they are implemented.They are what "can be."

Albemarle County Virginia Genealogy - Images of Old Wills 1748 to 1785; Marriages 1780 to 1868
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