Internet in the Sky

Genealogy Tips by Jeannette Holland Austin

Starlink Satellites.

The Ionosphere is ionized by solar radiation. Electricity plays an important role in the atmoshere and it is where radio signals are sent to distant places of the earth. The terminology is referred to as "skip" or "skywave" propagation. Since the 1920s returning radio waves have reflected off the Earth's surface and into the sky again, allowing greater ranges to be achieved with multiple "hops ."

During the 1940s, however, for those of you who remember, The Nazi movement controlled all of public life, including news and radio stations. This is how they destroyed the freedom of, terrorized, persecuted and killed over 6 million people! Today, although the Internet is a wonderful tool for Americans, there is yet another dangerous risk of people control- this time it is via the Internet

The Thermosphere is some 372 miles up from the Earth. It is used for satellites.

If you have seen a string of bright lights in the sky lately, there are satellites which were launched by Elon Musk on his Xspace project. The plan is to launch some 40,000 satellites into the Thermosphere and provide Internet for all of the Earth. That means that we will be communicating anywhere in the World via the Thermoshere and possibily to out-of-space. At this point, this technology is a good thing and quite promising. For the first time since we launched to the Moon in the 1960s, mankind is moving forward in the most positive manner. Hence, the new term "the cloud" (meaning data storage) and we see advertisements of "clouds" to promote certain companies. The vision of data in the clouds becomes more realistic now. At the present time, Internet data is stored on hard drives and in data warehouses which could be lost to death of the researcher, earthquakes and other earthly disasters. Initially, I thought of the Internet as a good, solid medium to store genealogy records. Initially, there were tons of individual charts and family group sheets. However, throughout the life of the Internet, genealogist notes and records have been taken down for one reason or the other.

One can only imagine that our data is becoming part of a cloud universe in the sky. Something to consider and a darn good reason to keep the Internet out of the hands of politicians and governments!

There are currently over 2000 world satellites orbiting the earth

Most of them were launched by the USA, second greatest number launched by China. Map of Satellites

Keep watching the amazing trail of bright lights in the night sky.