Imagine the Hard Times while Researching Ancestors

By Jeannette Holland Austin

Genealogy Books by Jeannette Holland Austin

Have you ever imagined yourself as a Colonial citizen during the Revolutionary War? What if you were in occupied Savannah or Charleston? Food was rationed and the British Navy prevented you from transporting your crops to market. Merchant ships arrived with staples and supplies for the British Army. Your home was used to house British officers. They ate all of your farm animals and garden vegetables. You were observed by Loyalists who assisted the British. Your loved ones were out in the countryside fighting battles and skirmishes. They had joined for a three-month-stretch in order to return home and plant/harvest the crops. But the city was occupied and they could not return. So they signed up for another three-month term and were sent to fight other battles. This is the sort of activities which the genealogist should envision in order to track ancestors during one of the worst periods in history. A little imagination leads to the discovery of certain avenues of research, and records.

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