Hancock County Wills and Estates

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1893 Duryear Auto.

Hancock County, Georgia appears to have most of its records intact. There are a good many Wills, Guardianships, Inventories, Bonds, Annual Returns which contain the early records. The date is from 1811 through ca 1860. That means that if you did not find your ancestor anywhere else, there is a good chance of finding some sort of estate record in one of these probate documents. Problem is, the records were never indexed.

Georgia Pioneers has indexed and scanned 4800 pages, dating from 1811 to 1834. An index is provided on the website, so all that you need to do is look through Books G, H, I, J, L, M, N and O. Easy because the names are right there to “click on.”

Happy hunting to all!

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