Finding Georgia Ancestors without the 1790-1810 Census

Genealogy tips by Jeannette Holland Austin

This Land Lottery Map will help you understand where to search.

After the Creeks (beginning in 1818) and Cherokees (1832-1834) were removed from Georgia, settlement flourished throughout Georgia, with some families even moving into Alabama and Mississippi. The land lotteries of 1827 and 1832 reflect the names of those who drew free land. This is an important research resource, particularly since the 1790-1810 Georgia Census reccords did not survive. We can pinpoint the location of our ancestors in 1805, 1827, 1802, 1803, and 1832. Another resource is the tax digest. It is important to make a list of all of those surnames being traced and track the families in the lotteries and tax digests. After that, the deed records help solve a lot of issues.

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