Exciting Events of the Past are Uncovered in Old Records

By Jeannette Holland Austin

The Nacoochee Mound is located on the banks of the Chattahoochee River in White County, Georgia. The archaalogists have determined that the site, occupied as early ast 100-500 CE, does not appear to have been occupied by the Cherokee Indians. Nacoochee Mound

As long as we have old newspapers, court house records, census, and other resources, the past may be uncovered. Just as archaologists strip away layers of dirt and discover artifacts, genealogists may piece together the events of the past.

There are lots of stories in these the old records researched by genealogists. Take the Revolutionary War Pensions, for example. The soldier described his battles in his pension and named his officers at different musters and battles. This may seem like a tiny bit of data, however, it is huge. All that we need do to learn more about our ancestor's participation in that war is to follow the war record assignments of the officers.

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