Colonial Dorchester County

By Jeannette Holland Austin

St. George's Anglican Church

The colonial town of Dorchester flourished near Summerville, South Carolina on the Ashley River from ca 1697 until it was abandoned sometime during the 1750s when land was offered them in Georgia. The settlers literally packed up and left South Carolina to settle an area at Midway, Georgia. The old Colonial cemetery at Midway and Church is now a tourist site. Meanwhile, the old Dorchester site in South Carolina has all but disappeared, except for several old structures. Visitors can stand below the towering remains of the brick bell tower of St. George Anglican Church, catch a glimpse of a log wharf during low tide or view the fort made of an oyster-shell concrete called tabby. Meanwhile, archaeologists have unearthed huge archaeological treasures waiting to be uncovered in the 325 acres. What has been found to date are some of the original structures and town remains, including a brick bell tower from St. George Anglican Church and a fort made of tabby (a type of concrete made with oyster shells, lime and sand).Source