Charles City County, Virginia

Images of Wills, Estates, etc.

Charles City County was one of the earliest counties in Virginia, and this is where you will find the early immigrants. The immigration books such as “The Complete Book of Emigrants” by Coldham, list the names of those who came over. These names include the person who paid the passage, his family members, servants, and those who sold themselves into indenture (usually seven years) in exchange for passage. Later on, the indentured servants were given 50 acres of land and went out on their own. So, it is a good idea to research all of the old wills and estates as well as deeds and other records of the early Virginia counties to find further clues. I typically read every old will in the county where I first found my ancestor because that is where to locate “other kinfolks! “


  • Marriages to 1699

Miscellaneous Wills

  • Byrd, William, LWT (1700)

  • Byrd, William, LWT (1774)

  • Clay, John, LWT (transcript)

  • England, Francis, LWT (transcript)

  • Gregory, John, Jr., LWT (transcript)

  • Harrison, Benjamin, LWT (transcript)

  • Izard, Rebecca, LWT (transcript)

  • Munford, Robert, LWT (transcript)

  • Munford, William, LWT (transcript)

  • Rogers, John, LWT, transcript Tyler, John, LWT (transcript

Digital Images of Wills and Estates 1655 to 1656

Digital Images of Wills and Estates 1689 to 1690

Digital Images of Wills and Estates 1724 to 1731

Digital Images of Wills and Estates 1766 tp 1774

(names of testators of above records not provided due to lack of space)

Digital Images of Wills 1789 to 1808

Names: Testators: Anderson, David Austin, William Ballard, Thomas Ballard, William Bartow, James Bates, James Beeck, Benjamin Benford, John Benge, James Berkley, Benjamin Binns, Mary Blanks, Elizabeth Blanks, James Blanks, John Bradley, Dancy Bradley, James Bradley, Joseph Brown, Abraham Brown, Sarah Bullifont, James Burton, Elizabeth Burton, William Carter, Charles of Shirley Plantation Carter, Mildred Carter, Robert Cary, Robert Charles, Lydia Charles, Phillip Charles, Willis Sr. Christian, Gideon Christian, William Clarke, Sarah Cocke, Jane Crew, Benjamin Crew, Benjamin (2) Crew, John Drake, Robert Drinkard, William Durfey, Francis Durfey, Samuel Duke, Henry Edmondson, Elizabeth Edmondson, Margaret Edward, William Finch, Ann Finch, Edward Finch, Elizabeth Folkes, William Fry, Robert Gill, Ingraham Gilliam, Ann Graves, William Griffith, Thomas Hardyman, Littlebury Harris, Frances or Francis Harris, James Harrison, Benjamin Jr. Harrison, James Harwood, William Hogg, Jessey Hurt, James Irby, Hardyman Irby, John Johnson, Jacob Knibb, John Lacy, Henry Ladd, Amos Ladd, Anna Ladd,James Ladd, William Lyon, Daniel Major, Martha Manable, Edward McBrown, Allen Merry, David Minge, Ann Shields Mountcastle, Joseph Munford, Robert Murrell, Thomas New, Richard Oley, William Parrish, Elizabeth Pavely, John Perry, Littleberry Phillips, Elizabeth Quick, Henry Randolph, William Sr. Roach, James Russell, Edward Southall, Henry Southall, James Spraggins, Elizabeth Spraggins, Thomas Stagg, Thomas Sr. Vaughan, William Shields Walker, Rebecca Walker, Richardson Wilkinson, David Willcox, Hannah Williams, Brazure Williamson, Frances Willis, Eady

Digital Images of Wills 1808 to 1824

Names: Testators: Adams, John ;Apperson, Martha ;Ballard, John; Barrow, Philip; Bates, James Sr. ;Blanks, Thomas; Bradley, Benjamin; Bradley, John ;Bradley, Marston; Bradley, Thomas; Bradley, William ; Brewer, Eleanor ;Brown, Dixon;Byrd, Ann Willing ;Byrd, Mary ; Carter, Anne ;Cary, David ;Christian, John; Christian, Susanna; Christian, William ;Cole, Major ;Cole, Tally ;Coupland, Ann; Cowles, Nathaniel; Crew, Jacob ;Crew, John Sr. ;Demville, Elizabeth ; Dixon, Ann ;Dixon, Anthony Tucker; Edloe, Ann ;Egmon, Cornelius; Egmon, Frances ;Emery, Mary ;Evans, Robert; Ferrel, Caleb ;Filbales, John ; Finch, Richmond; Folkes, Catherine; Fry, Elizabeth ;Gannaway, Thomas; Gill, Thomas ;Gill, William ;Gilliam, Jeffery; Glidewell, Drury; Gregory, Elley ; Griffith, Amy ;Griffith, William; Hadin, Lucretia ;Hamblett, George; Hamblett, Thomas; Harrison, Braxton; Harrison, Collier ;Harwood, Elizabeth; Howell, William ;Hughes, Jeremiah; Irby, Francis Irby, Littleberry; Ireland, John ; Kirby, Sarah ;Ladd, James D.; Ladd, Jesse ;Ladd, John ;Ladd, Joseph; Lightfoot, Philip I.; Lightfoot, William ;Maddox, Michael ;Major, Edward ; Major, John ;Mannin, John; Miles, Richard; Minge, George William Hunt; Moody, Matthew ;Mountcastle, Elizabeth; Murrell, William M. ; Nance, William ;Nelson, William ;New, Jesse ;New, Sally ;Philbales, Mary; Raglin, Richard ;Roper, David ;Ross, Ann ;Royall, John; Royall, William ; Snipes, John ;Southall, Ann ;Southall, Philip; Southall, William; Towler, Luke ;Trappell, Martha; Tyler, John ;Vaughan, Henry; Vaughan, James ; Vaughan, Sarah ;Warden, Joseph ;Whitt, Isham ;Wilkinson, Thomas; Wills, John ;Winston, Susanna

Indexes to Probate Records

  • Wills and Deeds 1655 to 1656

  • Inventories and Guardian Accounts 1789 to 1808

  • Wills and Inventories 1808 to 1824


  • Orders 1650; 1672–3; 1677–9; 1680; 1685; 1687–95

  • 1667 Land Grants

  • 1704 Quit Rent Rolls

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Batte, Dunn, Jones

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